How to skin a deer

How to Skin a Deer? The Complete Guide to Skinning a Deer

When you think about hunting, you probably envision someone stalking an animal through a dense forest, hoping they can bring down their prey before the animal can take them down. In fact, most hunting happens via controlled hunts where animals are herded into small areas and killed.

In this blog post, we will explore how to skin a deer, one of the many techniques used in controlled hunting. By understanding the process and learning from experts, you can better appreciate the beauty and elegance of hunting in a controlled setting.

Hanging the Deer:

If you’re going to skin a deer, you’ll need to get the hang of it. Here are three easy steps for hanging a deer:

1) Find a tree with a good grip, a sturdy one will do.

2) Take off all of the animal’s hair, using either your hands or an electric razor. The goal is to make the meat as smooth as possible so that it cooks evenly.

3) Make a small cut in the hide near the tail, then peel it back and away from the body until you reach the other side. With both hands, pinch off each foot at the ankle and pull them clear of the carcass.

From the leg joints, remove the skin:

The skin on the front leg joints can be easily removed by using a sharp knife. Start at the top of the joint and make several horizontal cuts toward the ground. Then, use your fingers to peel back the skin layer like an onion. Once it is loose, use your knife to trim off any excess flesh. Finally, clean up any remaining blood and tissue with a damp cloth.

Saw through the joint to remove the front legs:

If you want to skin a deer, the first step is to cut through the joint between the front legs. This will allow you to remove both legs easily. You can then proceed to skin the deer as normal.

Cut down the inside of the rear legs:

There are many different ways to skin a deer, but the easiest and most common way is to cut down the inside of the rear legs. Make sure you have a sharp knife to do this, as well as some help from someone else. If you are alone, hold one leg while your partner takes care of the other.

To begin, make a cutting angle parallel to the ground and about a foot away from the front of each hind leg. Use even cuts, angling them towards the center of each back leg. Don’t worry if some of the meat falls off; just trim it away with your knife until there is nothing left but skin. Repeat on the opposite side.

If you are using a bow or rifle, hold the animal still while your partner skins it by cutting along its backbone from behind its neck to its tail (or from behind its shoulder to its front). Make two cuts about an inch apart, then peel back the skin until it comes off in one piece. Rotate the deer so both sides are completely exposed and repeat on the other side.

Remove skin from the back of legs:

When skinning a deer, it is important to peel back the skin around the legs to reveal the joints. This will make it easier to remove the meat from the bone.

Cut through the middle of the back legs:

If you have a deer that you want to skin, the first thing you need to do is cut through the joint between the back legs. Once you have cut through the joint, snap the back legs off of the deer body. Then, simply peel the skin off of the deer body.

Hook a gambrel under each leg:

If you want to skin a deer, the first thing you need to do is cut off its head. If the deer is young or has its head still attached to the body, use your hands to push it off. Cut around the neck and remove the head.

Next, cut along both sides of the spine just behind the front legs. Use a sharp knife or machete to make deep cuts into the flesh at these points and pull out the spinal cord. Turn the deer so that its back is facing you and make similar cuts down the backside of each hind leg, cutting through both muscle and bone.

Now it’s time to skin the deer. Start by cutting off all of the hair from around its body except for a short strip around its genitals. Next, remove any large chunks of meat from between each muscle by pulling them apart with your fingers or a needle-nose pliers. Be sure to get every scrap of fat, sinew and skin that you can.

Once all of the meat is removed, use a boning knife or razor blade to slice open each side of each carcass like a crosswise joint (the point where two muscles meet). This will allow you to easily remove each rib cage and pelvic bone. You may also want to remove any internal organs, these can usually be eaten if fresh, but are often tough and flavorless when preserved in this way.

Hoist the deer off the ground:

If you want to skin a deer, first you need to find a good spot. You want to be able to get close enough so that you can grab the animal by the shoulders and lift it off the ground. If the animal is too large, or if there is vegetation in the way, you may need to find a different spot.

After finding a good spot, make sure you are ready for an adventure! Put on some gloves and gather all of your supplies. You will need a knife, a saw, and some rope.

To start, cut off the head of the deer with your knife. This will make it easier to skin later on. Next, cut down either side of the brisket muscle until it separates from the main body of meat. Do not cut all the way through – just slice through enough so that you can get your hands inside. If there is any fat on the carcass, trim it off now using your knife.

Now use your saw to cut along both sides of the brisket muscle until it separates from the main body of meat – being careful not to cut into any underlying bones. Again, if there is any fat on the carcass, trim it off now using your knife. Finally, peel away any connective tissue that remains on either side of the meaty section and discard it (you can save this for broth or something).

Removing the Pelt:

There are a few different ways to remove the pelt from a deer, but the simplest and most common is to use a knife. Start by cutting around the neck and chest area, then peel back the skin until you reach the muscle underneath. Once you’ve freed the skin from the muscle, start cutting it away from the carcass. Be careful not to cut into any vital organs or arteries. Finally, pull out any fur or feathers that remain and dispose of them properly.

Cut through the tailbone:

Skinning a deer can be a daunting task, but with a few simple tips and tricks, it can be done easily and quickly. First, make sure to get rid of any excess fat and tissue around the tailbone. This is where most of the meat is located, so making sure to get it all is key to a successful hunt. Next, use a sharp knife to slice through the skin just below the tailbone. Finally, pull the skin off in one smooth piece.

Removing the Head:

If you are in the deer hunting business, then you know that there is a lot of blood and gore involved in the process. After you have skinned and gutted the deer, it is important to remove the head. There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest and most efficient way is to use a hatchet or an axe. Make sure that you use an axe with a sharp blade so that you can easily cut through the skull. Once you have removed the head, it is important to clean it off so that any venison remains on the carcass can be cooked properly.

Remove the pelt and wash the carcass:

If you have the opportunity, it is best to remove the entire pelt from the deer carcass. This will allow for easier cleaning and more even drying of the meat.

There are a few different ways to skin a deer. The most common method is to cut down either side of the backbone, then pull the skin away from the flesh. If you are butchering your own venison, make sure to debone it before skinning as this will make carving and dicing much simpler.

Once the deer skin is removed, wash it in cool water and soap. Be sure to scrub all of the meat off of the bones and any other hard parts, such as hooves. Once everything has been washed, place it on a clean surface to dry out completely. It is important to avoid leaving water spots on your meat while drying or it will spoil quickly.


Q1. Is it possible to leave the skin on a deer overnight?

Ans: Field-dressed deer can be hung overnight with the skin on if the air temperature is below 50°F.

Q2. Is it possible to hang deer in the fridge?

Ans: You can age venison in a spare refrigerator by removing its racks and hanging it to avoid contamination.

Q3. How much does deer meat cost?

Ans: Venison is often cheaper than beef depending on the time of year and your location.

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